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How would you describe yourself and what you want out of podcasting?


Go from zero to launch with the resources we developed from our experiences growing some of the world's top podcasts.

Busy Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur looking to build your personal and company brand so that you can reach a new audience grow your business?

Marketing Team

Are you working on the marketing team for a medium to large organization that is interesting in leveraging podcasting in your marketing strategy?

The Founders

We are all podcasting, all the time.

Daxy Perez


Daxy got started in podcasting doing freelance audio production for other marketing agencies. Once he learned how to combine his marketing skills with this new found platform, it was all business. He dove in head first and has worked with some of the top podcasters.

Ryan Helms


Ryan got started podcasting as a way to just meet interesting people that he could learn from. Shortly after launching his own podcast, he realized that there was no other content platform quite like it and he never turned back.

How can we help you?

Let's elevate your marketing efforts in 2020 on the fastest growing content platform.

Podcast Launch

Do you want to launch a podcast that is polished, congruent with your brand message, and that helps build trust with your tribe?

Let Us Do It For You!

We'll work closely with you in the beginning to craft your brand message then it will be hands off for you as our team produces and delivers a world class podcast
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Monthly Services

Our team has worked on podcasts that have received millions of downloads, so we know just what works.

We Make You Shine

Whether you are just starting out or you have an established podcast already, we have an array of services that will help your message shine.
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Guest Booking

Are you looking to get featured on top ranking podcasts? Are you looking to get more guests on your podcast? We've got you!

Let Us Connect You

Whether your goal is to be featured on top podcasts or get top guests, we will leverage our extensive network to make it happen effortlessly to you.
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How can podcasting fit into our marketing strategy? What is the best launch methods? How should we structure the show?

Let Us Help You

We'll spend some time with you and your team to determine just how podcasting can make the biggest impact for your organization.
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Here's what they say about us...

Cristy "Code Red"

Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

“Ryan and Daxy have taken the guess work out of all of this. Their systems are so smooth and everything is in place.”

Alison J. Prince

Because I Can Life

“Using them has given me my time back with my family. I record the episode and that’s all I have to do. Their team, who is super detail-oriented, take the rest of it. “

Paul & Stacey Martino

Relationship Transformers

“Ryan and Daxy did exactly what they said they would and they got us results better than they said they would.”

Steve Larsen

One Funnel Away Stories

“When I record my episodes, I just upload then he goes and does his magic. The podcast has exploded since I’ve stopped doing it all.”

Craig Randall

True Detox

“We find them to be a trusted and valued partner. One that brings a lot of innovation and new ideas to the table. And it just makes it easy for us.”

A few of the clients we serve...

cristy nickel Rebel weight loss podcast
one funnel away stories steve larsen
credit repair business secrets
josh forti the think different theory
relationship transformer podcast stacey martino
side hustle to freedom podcast
crna podcast
alison prince podcast
valeria orsini the dream life
secret mlm hacks steve larsen
Tyler Jorgenson
tim lyons built to grow podcast
eric beer
steve larsen sales funnel radio
true detox

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Get our 100+ page guide that will walk you step-by-step through launching a podcast that skyrockets your authority, reach, leads, and community of people that eat up your every word.


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