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WTF are Content Funnels™?

Strategically take someone from a cold lead to customer without paid ads.

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We'll work closely with you in the beginning to craft your brand message then it will be hands off for you as our team produces and delivers a world class podcast
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Whether you are just starting out or you have an established podcast already, we have an array of services that will help your message get in front of the right people.
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Through a mixture of organic & paid media strategies we help our clients get new subscribers into their content funnels.
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Let's deep dive not only into your podcast, but into your whole marketing ecosystem so that everything is working together to accomplish your goal.
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Many of our clients are busy running their businesses and serving clients - engaging on with content on social media and interacting with their peers and dream clients just doesn't make the list. We help you turn friends and followers into warm leads.
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Have an inbox full of messages and comments from people who would LOVE to hear back from you and could eventually become clients or customers? Not anymore you won't.
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Do you want to reach new audiences with your content? We think "Dark Ads" are one of the best ways to do this. We take your top-performing content and get it to new eyes and ears who are craving it.
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Take your existing podcast to the next level. We will do a comprehensive audit of your podcast and supporting ecosystem and provide a detailed action plan.
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Here's what they say about us...

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Daniel Rosen

Credit Repair Business Secrets

“We have almost doubled our revenue and I know the podcast was a big part of that.”

Vanessa Levin

Elevating Early Childhood

“Within one month of launching my content I got more than 1,000 YouTube subscribers and my podcast was ranked #1.”

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Alison J. Prince

Because I Can Life

“Using them has given me my time back with my family. I record the episode and that’s all I have to do. Their team, who is super detail-oriented, take the rest of it. “

Kevin Clayson

Replace Your Income

“The investment in the podcast has already paid for itself 5-10 times over and we are on episode 10.”

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Steve Larsen

One Funnel Away Stories

“When I record my episodes, I just upload then he goes and does his magic. The podcast has exploded since I’ve stopped doing it all.”

Craig Randall

True Detox

“We find them to be a trusted and valued partner. One that brings a lot of innovation and new ideas to the table. And it just makes it easy for us.”

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Clients we work with or launched...

the prosperity approach
alison prince podcast
tim lyons built to grow podcast
josh forti the think different theory
relationship transformer podcast stacey martino
preschool all stars
secret mlm hacks steve larsen
side hustle to freedom podcast
eric beer
steve larsen sales funnel radio
autism parenting secrets
cristy nickel Rebel weight loss podcast
valeria orsini the dream life
whiskey podcast
close more podcast
design your best life
true detox

And many more…

The Team

Your content marketing experts making sure your content equals dollars.

Ryan Helms

Founder and CEO
since december 2018


sales & Marketing
since may 2019


Audio/VIDEO engineer
Since June 2019


operations assistant
since october 2019


Visual branding manager since december 2019


since december 2019


Content Marketing mgr since july 2020


content WriteR
since february 2020


Operations Manager
since September 2020


Content marketer
since december 2020


Video Engineer
since January 2021


Content Marketer
since March 2021


Content marketer
since March 2021


graphic designer
since april 2021


Content Marketer
since May 2021

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Get our 150+ page guide that will walk you step-by-step through launching a podcast that skyrockets your authority, reach, leads, and community of people that eat up your every word.