Apple’s Podcast Subscription Services – The Good And Bad

apple podcast subscription service

My opinions on apple considering podcast subscription services and what I think makes it good and bad.🤔

It was inevitable that Apple would eventually create a podcast subscription service. Up to now, podcast content has largely been provided free in America. 🆓

This often leads to many podcasters wondering how to make money from their podcast. Other countries, like China, have a multi-billion podcast industry due to the subscription service. A podcast with an audience of 250,000 can make upwards of $8 million. 💰

Tune in and learn what I think about this move from Apple and how podcasters can take advantage of it once it is implemented. 💯

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Key Takeaways

  • The Number 1 problem that podcasters have (00:01)
  • Why it was inevitable that Apple would create a podcast subscription service (01:19)
  • Why the podcast industry in China is way more valuable than in America (02:18)
  • The best way to monetize a podcast (02:43)
  • How a subscription service can affect podcast discoverability (04:19)
  • Making better content for your podcast (06:09)
Daxy Perez

Daxy Perez

Daxy is the co-founder of Legacy Podcasting. With a background in audio engineering and a passion for marketing, he teamed up with Ryan to create a top-shelf content marketing agency.

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