Take your business and personal brand to the next level by leveraging podcasts

It’s 2019 and there is no better content platform to expedite the process of elevating authority and developing deep, meaningful relationships with your audience than podcasting.

Podcasting is all we do.

Our focus is podcasting and, after more than 50 million downloads, we like to think we have gotten pretty good at it. . Our unique process will help you take your content marketing to the next level and reaching a whole new audience, while connecting at a new level with your existing customers and followers.

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Why you should have a podcast...


Multiple studies have shown that the average podcast listener is in the upper echelon of demographics which means...

Their Demographics

They spend more, are higher educated, are more loyal and seek to constantly learn more.
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In the social media world, it is so hard to have true conversations that lead to deep relationships - podcasts bridge this gap.

Meet Clients & Partners

So many partnerships and new client acquisitions have come out of podcast interviews. (That's how Daxy and Ryan met)
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There is no content platform that solidifies your expertise and builds authority faster and better than podcasting does.

Speak Into Their Ear

Podcasts are most often consumed in distract free environments and the listener is actively consuming your message. This leads to trust, engagement, and buyers.
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Are you tired of the content you spent hours creating quickly get lost in the Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram algorithms?

It's Here To Stay

Podcast content is easy to rank for & will be searchable for years to come. Don't worry about 5 people hearing it never for it to be seen again.
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Our unique launch process...

The first thing we do is spend some time with you and the sole objective is to intimately get to know your brand. We want to know everything about you, your business, your customers, clients, and everything in between so that we can craft a overall message that resonates with your ideal listener.

After we know you and your brand, we focus on your Listener Avatar. Having this will help us help you create engaging podcast content that achieves the intended result. 

A well crafted message must be accompanied by high quality branding – both of the host and the branded assets.

We will work with the host to ensure their brand, both online and offline, is aligned with the podcast brand that we are crafting. Our team are experts in crafting your personal brand to that of your podcast to achieve a singular objective. 

Once we have personal branding of the host(s) completed, we turn our focus to the branded assets for the podcast. This includes your cover art, social media graphics, audiograms, video teasers, and anything else you may need to tie your online brand to the podcast.

This is the area that most podcasters fail at miserably. Like all other platforms, if you approach it with an “I’ll build it and they will come” mentality, you will be surely disappointed. 

You must approach podcasting totally different than any other content launch. That is what being a part of 50 million plus downloads has taught us how to do well.

It is of the upmost importance that you engage your audience prior to the launch so that you build the hype of what is to come.

We will show you the best ways to do this so your audience is being for the first episode.

Just like Google, there is an algorithm that drives how your podcast ranks in two different ways.

The first way is how you rank in your podcast’s main category. For this you must hack the 3 primary factors for determine your rank in the categories top 200.

The second hack is more like your traditional SEO optimization, but there are some key differences. We will optimize your on-page and off-page SEO to ensure you rank for all the keywords we target.

Often our clients are concerned if they will be burdened by need to constantly create fresh content. 

A part of what we do in the very beginning is help you create a content schedule with outlines for your first episodes. Once you have the frame work for each topic, we will then work to help you bulk record the episodes so that you knock out a months worth of content in just  few hours.

 Once you hit the stop button on the recording, you never have to touch anything again.

After the recording is completed on your side, it will be hands off from your side. 

You’ll just sit back and relax while we deliver high quality content that will skyrocket your authority, help you build deep relationships with both the listeners and your guests, get your message to more people than ever before, and cement yourself as an expert in your niche.

2019 is the podcasting gold rush.

Let's chat about how you can stake your claim in the podcasting space without getting your hands dirty.

The Ultimate Guide To Podcasting

Get our 100+ page guide that will walk you step-by-step through launching a podcast that skyrockets your authority, reach, leads, and community of people that eat up your every word.