Finding Clients And Networking On LinkedIn With Natasha Vilaseca

finding clients and networking on linkedin

I brought on Natasha Vilaseca, a LinkedIn consultant, to talk about growth and content strategies for LinkedIn to support your online business.
She helps coaches, consultants, and agency owners substitute cold outreach and paid traffic with a predictable system on LinkedIn to help them book 10+ calls per week and provide them with the control and freedom they want in their life and business.
To get people to engage with your content on LinkedIn, you have to build rapport and reciprocate actively. You do this by tagging your connections to relevant content and leaving thoughtful comments. This way, these people will come back to your feed and do the same exposing you to a wider audience.
LinkedIn is a great place to generate clients. The key is to understand and align your messaging to your niche market. Then learn how to engage with people and market organically.
Tune in to this episode to understand how LinkedIn works and how to use the platform effectively to network and find clients.
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Key Takeaways

  • How to get people on linked to engage and react to your content on LinkedIn (02:56)
  • The Number 1 secret to being good on LinkedIn (08:17)
  • What you should be doing on LinkedIn to get results (10:06)
  • How to use Video and Audio on LinkedIn to get a response (15:21)
  • Why you should use automation sparingly on LinkedIn (21:12)
  • Using LinkedIn to generate clients (26:14)
  • Effective routines and habits around using LinkedIn (28:08)
  • Decluttering your LinkedIn feed and why you should not accept everyone’s request (35:25)

Daxy Perez

Daxy Perez

Daxy is the co-founder of Legacy Podcasting. With a background in audio engineering and a passion for marketing, he teamed up with Ryan to create a top-shelf content marketing agency.

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