Do you want to launch a wildly successful podcast?

So did Gina DeVee.

That's why the Divine Living team partnered up with us, Legacy Podcasting.

After going through our Podcast Launch Machine process, the results were...

Well, I'll just let you see for yourself...

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What Gina said about working with us...

What's Included With A Podcast Launch 🚀

  • A personal shout out from Gina on her social media channels to promote your podcast.
  • The opportunity to interview Gina on your podcast and have her promote your episode.
  • Exclusive feature in Gina’s Q Club for extra exposure and the chance to connect with others for potential collaborations!
  • A signed copy of Gina’s book, The Audacity to be Queen.

Before we get there though, let me show you how we systematically got the result we wanted. 🎯

Find out what they want

The first thing we had to do was figure out exactly what Gina's audience wanted out of the podcast.

So, we asked them and got 631 answers.

Craft the story

We use or launch machine process to help you outline episodes that will get your audience engaged and taking action.

Create the branding

Your brand is a part of your business and we need to make sure it comes across premium and congruent with the rest of your business branding.

We do an iterative approach and ultimately drill down on exactly what you want.

Then we apply that theme to the rest of your content, as you'll see below.

Align with your business

We realize that this needs to be an ROI positive initiative for your business. That's why we develop a gameplan that positions the podcast at the top of your funnel and drives consistent leads into your core offers.

Create an omnipresence strategy.

Blogs, emails, social media posts, YouTube, and of course, the podcast.

We make sure you are everywhere and that the content is positioned to get people deeper in your funnel.

And... the results...

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