How To Publish A Podcast On Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and Amazon Alexa

how to publish a podcast

So, you are ready to publish a podcast. Awesome!

Once you’ve recorded at least one podcast episode and have your podcast host selected, then you are ready to publish a podcast on all the major platforms. (If you don’t already have a host, then read about the one I use here)

As you will see below, there are several distribution platforms that we will connect your podcast to but Apple Podcast is by far the largest platform. As I stated above, make sure you have at least one podcast episode uploaded into your host.

Your URL will look like if you are using Simplecast as I do. It will look almost the same on the other hosts as well. This URL is the key to publish a podcast – without it you can’t connect to any of the platforms.

Note: If you’re still using Simplecast in Trial mode, you’ll need to add a debit/credit card before your RSS feed will be enabled. Please remember, you’ll also need to have at least one episode published.

How To Publish a Podcast On Apple Podcast

Here is what you need to do to publish your podcast RSS feed to Apple Podcast, the world’s largest podcast platform.

    • Go to Apple’s Podcasts Connect login page and sign in using your Apple ID.
      • If you don’t have an Apple ID, you will need to create one.
    • When logged in you will see a “+” icon in the top-left corner of the screen – click on that.
    • Head over to your Simplecast dashboard, or whatever host you use, and click on the Sharing section.
    • Copy your show’s RSS feed URL (reference above to see what it looks like) and then paste it into the form over on Podcasts Connect.
    • Click the verify button and wait for Apple to validate the feed then click submit.

Note: According to Simplecast, if your feed URL doesn’t validate, your feed might be missing some information (check Podcast Settings) or you may not have at least one published episode.

Now….. you wait. They usually get back to you pretty quickly. Your podcast should now go live on Apple Podcasts sometime in the next 24 hours and they will notify you via email when your podcast is accepted, or if there are any problems.


Google Podcast

Next, let’s connect your podcast RSS feed to Google Podcast and Google Play, which is a fastly growing platform. You will need a Google account for this.

  • First, sign into Google Play Music with the Gmail account you want to be associated with your podcast.
  • Click “add podcast” and paste in your RSS feed URL.
    • Remember, you can find the RSS Feed URL within your host dashboard. (in Simplecast it’s on the Sharing page)
  • Next, you will need to verify your Gmail account.
  • Now you just have to wait for Google to approve your podcast.


Now, let’s connect your podcast RSS feed to Spotify.

Not all podcast host allow you to submit your podcast to Spotify but Simplecast does.

In order to submit your podcast, you will need to go to

You should expect between 2-7 days before your podcast is live on Spotify after you complete the above form. You will get an email once it’s live.


In order to add your podcast to Stitcher, you will need to complete the form on this page and request approval to have your podcast show on the Stitcher SmartRadio.

iHeart Radio

In order to add your podcast to iHeart Radio, you will need to fill out this form.

Amazon Alexa

In order to get your podcast on Amazon Alexa, you will need to fill out this form. Once done, you will be able to say “Hey Alexa, play [insert podcast name here]”.

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