Paid Ads vs. Organic Content

iOS 14 privacy update effect on paid ads

Content will be WAY more important than Paid Ads VERY soon… 🤫

Listen in to hear why the new Apple iOS 14 privacy updates will make paid ads less effective for all businesses in the future and why you should double down on making good organic content.

Apple are soon rolling out a new update that will fundamentally change the paid ads landscape. Users will have to explicitly opt-in so that advertisers can track them and serve personalized ads while previously, this setting was on by default.

People who depend on paid ads will be heavily affected by this update. Even though ads will still be here, most users will choose not to opt-in for personalized ads making them less effective for businesses.

We believe that building your audience, controlling the narrative, and owning your traffic as a business will be the way to go. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through a podcast 💯 or by building a quality email list.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about how the new iOS privacy updates will affect paid ads and why you need to change your strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • How the new Apple iOS 14 privacy update will affect paid ads (01:28)
  • Why you need to start controlling the narrative with your content (03:12)
  • Why the new iOS 14 will drive up the cost of ads (03:31)
  • How to control your audience by owning your traffic (06:12)
  • Getting your audience into the habit of consuming your content (07:38)
  • How to come up with a theme for a podcast show (08:25)


Daxy Perez

Daxy Perez

Daxy is the co-founder of Legacy Podcasting. With a background in audio engineering and a passion for marketing, he teamed up with Ryan to create a top-shelf content marketing agency.

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