Kevin Clayson
Replace Your Income | Real Estate Expert

This is one of the smartest investment decisions we have ever made as a company.

Daniel Rosen
Credit Repair Business Secrets | 8-Figure SaaS CEO

We have almost doubled our revenue and I know the podcast was a big part of that.

Cristy "Code Red"
Rebel Weight Loss | Weight Loss Expert

Ryan & Daxy have taken the guess work out of all of this. Their systems are so smooth and everything is in place.

Gina DeVee
Divine Living | CEO of Divine Living

They do it all, from graphics to social media posts to editing, it's really amazing.

Evan Fisher
Freelance MVP | Founder of Unicorn Capital

We never would have accelerated near as fast without the input from Ryan and the Legacy team.

Darian "Kosmo" Khosravi
Kosmo Unfiltered | CEO of Kosmos Q

The quality of work is phenominial. We could not have done this without hiring 4 more people.

Alison J. Prince
Because I Can Life | Multiple 7-Figure Businesses

Using them has given me my time back with my family. I record the episode and that's all I have to do. Their team take the rest of it.

Paul & Stacey Martino
Relationship Transformers | Owners of Relationship Development

Ryan and Daxy did exactly what they said they would and they got us results better than they said they would.

Jessica Frew
Husband in Law | Co-Host

We hired them about 2 years ago and they have been amazing!

Lisa Carmen Wang
Profit to the People | Investor and Author

There is no better partner for your podcast.

Eric Beer
Performance Marketer | CEO of Universal MP

They are truly a one-stop-shop. They do my podcast, YouTube, social media, and blog.

Len & Cass Arcuri
Autism Parenting Secrets | Consultants

Ryan and Daxy are literally the dream team.

Beth Holden Graves
You're Not The Boss Of Me | Founder of Camp Elevate

I cannot recommend Legacy Podcasting enough. A perfect 10.

Gabe Schillinger
Midi Money | CEO of Legion Beats

We had like 8,000 people enter the giveaway, which was huge for us.

Valeria Orsini
The Dream Life | Influencer

I started with another team and it didn't turn out so well, so I relaunched with them and I couldn't be happier.

Tim Lyons
Built To Grow | Fitness Marketing Expert

If this is something you are thinking about getting into, look to these guys to take care of all of the "other stuff" and you focus on creating great content.

John Crestani
Internet Jetset | Online Entrepreneur

They've been able to create a top podcast for me without me actually doing any podcasting - they just repurpose my stuff.

Josh Forti
Think Different Theory | B2B Consultant

Highly highly highly recommend Daxy Perez and Ryan Helms from Legacy Podcasting.

Austin Distel
Scale Or Die | CMO of Proof (SAAS Company)

In the first month, we got to Apple's New and Noteworthy.

Shannon Roddy
The Marketplace Expert | Amazon Brand Consultant

They've been one of my favorite hires this past year!

Steve Larsen
Sales Funnel Radio | Marketing Expert

He is the one doing all the sound on Sales Funnel Radio and it has exploded since I stopped doing it!

Craig Randall
True Detox | Marketing Director at Microbe Formulas

"We find them to be a trusted and valued partner. One that brings a lot of innovation and new ideas to the table. And it just makes it easy for us."

Joy Anderson
Preschool All Stars | Founder of The Preschool System

When you care so much about what you produce, you want someone on the other side care that much about it as well. And that's what you get here.

Vanessa Levin
Elevating Early Childhood | Founder of Pre-K Pages

Within one month of launching my podcast I got more than 1,000 YouTube subscribers and my podcast was ranked #1.

Neil Twa
High Voltage Business Builders | Co-Founder of VoltageDM

"They have been instrumental in helping me get this podcast released out to the world." "It's freed me up to focus on what I'm good at."

Jason Boyce
Day 2 | Founder of Avenue7Media

"I literally could not have done any of this without Legacy Media. We'd tried before and failed miserably at it."

Tyler Jorgenson
BizNinja | Founder of FourSail

"I highly recommend if you have a message you're trying to get out to the world, focus on the message, let Legacy Media get it out to the world for you."

Jason Abraham
Calm The Chaos | Co-Founder of Lemon Lime Adventures

We're trying to replicate the experience you guys are giving us with everyone we work with now. You gys really are the gold standard.

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Credit Repair Business Secrets has 116% YouTube sub growth
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