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Are You Tired Of Wasting All Of Your Time & Effort Having To Produce & Market Your Podcast?

Whether you're spend the time editing and marketing everything yourself... Or whether you're having to hire, train, and manage assistants to do it for you...

Our team of podcasting experts can handle all of that for you!

If you’re a busy podcaster & business owner with limited time on your hands…

And know how important it is to have content everywhere online so you can keep growing your business and brand…

And you’d rather have a pros (like us) do


Get a Free Strategy Session

We’ll go over exactly how we can create a podcast content machine for you.

If you want MAXIMUM results in the SHORTEST amount of time
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Our team is a well oiled machine that ALREADY knows exactly what
works for producing and marketing podcasts online. Imagine kicking your
feet up and relaxing while we create & distribute everything for you…
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Top-100 Entrepreneurship Podcast

"Using them has given me my time back with my family. I record the episode and that’s all I have to do. Their team, who is super detail-oriented, take the rest of it."

Top-75 Entrepreneurship Podcast

"When I record my episode, I just kind of upload it. Daxy goes and he works as magic. It sounds fantastic."

Top-20 Fitness & Nutrition Podcast

"Ryan & Daxy have taken the guesswork out of all of this. Their systems are so smooth and everything is in place."

Get a Free Strategy Session

We’ll go over exactly how we can create a podcast content machine for you.

How Our Podcast Content Machine Works

Whether you just want audio editing or the full content machine, we can service you.

Professional Audio Editing & Publishing

  • Professionally Produced & Edited Audio In Any Style or Format
  • ​Background Noise Removal + Audio Quality Enhancements
  • ​Custom Placements Of Intro, Outros, Advertisements, & Teasers
  • Internal Quality Review Process & Unlimited Revisions

Done For You

Professional Audio Editing & Publishing

  • Professionally Produced & Edited Audio In Any Style or Format
  • Creation of ​Teaser, Intro, and End Card
  • SEO Optimized With Titles, Keywords, and Description
  • Custom Engaging Thumbnail & Episode Teasers

Done For You

Episode Show Notes

  • 3-5 Paragraph Keyword Rich & SEO Optimized Episode Description
  • ​Bullet Points Of Main Episode Sections Along With Timestamps
  • Links To Any Resources & Call To Actions Mentioned

Done For You

SEO Focused Blog Posts

  • SEO Optimized Blogs With 800-1500 Words
  • ​Custom Formatting With Backlinks To All Mentions
  • Episode Transcriptions With Key Points & Timestamps
  • Keyword Targeting Copy

Done For You

Social Media Graphics

  • Professionally Branded & Eye Popping Graphics
  • Wide, Vertical, and Horizontal Episode Graphics
  • Cropped Editing For Titles, Logos, Guest, and Host.
  • ​Custom Colors, Fonts, and Elements To Match Your Brand

Done For You

Branded Quote Cards

  • Professionally Branded Quote Cards For You & Your Episode Guest
  • Quotes Pulled Directly From The Episode
  • Custom Design With Brand Colors, Fonts, and Elements

Done For You

Micro-Video Clips

  • Professionally Branded & Eye Popping Video Clips
  • Square & Horizontal Sizes To Fit All Platforms Sizes
  • Custom Styled Intro/Outro Overlays and Progress Bars
  • ​Custom Colors, Fonts, and Elements To Match Your Brand

Done For You

Social Media Copywriting & Publishing

  • Engaging Copy With Emojis and Unique Format on Each Platform
  • Weekly To Daily Social Content Scheduling.
  • Hashtag Research & Use For Each Platform.

Done For You

Email Copywriting & Publishing

  • Custom Email Copywriting Written In Your Voice To Drive People To The Podcast.
  • Drafting & Scheduling To Go Out At The Same Time Every Week.

Done For You

The end result you'll receive is a 100%
fully automated podcast content machine
that's customized for growing your podcast!


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100% Done-For-You Service


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In this step, you'll schedule a call & fill out a quick survey tells me more about your business (takes less than 2 minutes). I'll "deep dive" into this information so we can determine a personalized podcast content strategy that works for your niche, business & brand.

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We'll immediately spring into action and start designing, building, and implementing everything for your podcast marketing! Everything we do is "tailor-made" to your business so this process takes around 7-10 business days to complete.

When we're finished, all you have to do is click 1 button to "send" your podcast episode and you'll immediately start seeing downloads and engagement increasing on all of your content on complete auto-pilot!

In a nutshell...

We do everything FOR you and hand you a fully functioning podcast content machine process on a silver platter. This is the most valuable service we offer and is popular among several 6-9 figure marketers looking for a “set it and forget it” solution to grow their business and brand. in other words…

This is one of the few systems out there
that will SAVE you TIME & MONEY!


And here's the crazy part...

We’re giving you access to all of these special bonuses when you become a member with us today…

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Bonus #1

Podcast Publicity Press Sheets (Done-For-You)

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Publicity Sheets are extremely effective when you are ever interviewed so that the host can position your conversation correctly.

Bonus #2

Branded Social Media Banners

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Custom Social Media Banners To Promote Your Podcast For Youtube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Bonus #3

Comprehensive Podcast Audit

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Our Signature 30+ Point Audit Checklist Will Highlight Opportunities For Growth & Improvements With Your Podcast

  • Optimizing Podcast Host Account
  • Analytics Research Report
  • ​Podcast Cover Art & Graphic Templates
  • ​Episode Structure & Show Notes
  • Intros, Outros, and Calls To Action
  • Blog Posts & SEO
  • ​Social Media Graphics & Copywriting
  • Audio & Video Production Quality
  • Home Studio Hardware & Software
  • Email Copywriting

and much much more...

Get a Free Strategy Session

We’ll go over exactly how we can create a podcast content machine for you.

Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

We are serious about what we do and we hope you are too. Therefore, as long as you make an effort to provide us with content, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with our surfaces within 30 days of your investment.

– Ryan & Daxy

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the program? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers

What if I’m just starting out and don’t have a podcast yet?

No worries, we also offer launch solutions that can fit any type of business/personal brand. Schedule a call above with us to learn more.


• How does your customer support work?

We pride ourselves in fast and helpful customer service that we fulfill on over Slack or Email. 


Do you also offer consulting?

Yes we do. Just hop on a call with us to learn more about our consulting packages and how that can be of benefit to you.


How does your content management process work?

We make it as simple as possible to upload your content through a custom form. You also get access to our google drive and project management dashboard to see where we are at in the content production process


How long does it take to get started?

Depending on the extent of the setup for our team, it usually takes 2-3 weeks from initial contact to edit, produce, and market your content.


Do we get any calls with you?

Yes, every month you have an opportunity to hop on a call with Daxy and or Ryan to discuss any topic you’d like to discuss.


What if I don’t have a blog, e-mail list or youtube channel yet?

Even if you’re only doing audio, we have solutions and packages for all podcasters that make sense!

Do you have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ section above?

Send us an e-mail at help@legacypodcasting.com,
we're happy to help!