Podcasting Trends With Luis Diaz And Ryan Helms

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In this episode, I brought on my friends Ryan and Luis to talk about some exciting things going on in the podcasting space.

 There has been a lot of buzz about the iOS 14 update and its effect on the ad industry in general. Basically, iOS 14 will make users opt-in to see personalized ads within each app on their phone. This will greatly impact the major ads platform ability to serve these types of ads, which will drive more advertisers into the podcast world, driving CPMs up.

We dive into the content creation and look at different content strategies that podcasters can use to generate content. In addition, we talk about some common mistakes new podcasters make with their content.  

Big media companies and people with big influence like presidents have taken into podcasting. In a few years, we reckon that these big media companies will account for 95% of consumption due to their distribution. However, there is still time for someone to start a podcast.

If you want to hear more about what is happening in the podcasting space, Click Play and learn more about the trends and so much more interesting stuff we talk about.

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Key Takeaways

  • How the iOS 14 update will affect the podcasting industry (02:06)
  • Different ideas for podcast content (08:37)
  • Paid interviews podcasting model (16:21)
  • How the big media companies are impacting the podcasting industry (17:21)
  • How platforms like Spotify buying shows and making them exclusive will impact the industry (18:33)
  • Should podcasts play the network game (20:45)
  • How effective are channel takeovers in podcasts (25:50)
  • Common mistakes new platforms make (27:26)
Daxy Perez

Daxy Perez

Daxy is the co-founder of Legacy Podcasting. With a background in audio engineering and a passion for marketing, he teamed up with Ryan to create a top-shelf content marketing agency.

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