The #1 Growth Strategy For Podcasts

In this episode, I talk about the 5 questions people need to answer and do to have a legitimate growth strategy for their podcast.

The first question that you need to answer to grow your podcast is, what can you help people with? This is a pretty simple question that needs a simple answer. Identify what people are struggling with and how you can help them as a business or as a person.

The next question, which is super important, is who the people you are going to help are. These are the people who need your help and are aware of the problem you are trying to solve and your solution. From my experience, such people are much easier to work with.

After knowing what and who, the next question is, where do these people exist. This is the point where things begin to get tactical. Knowing where the people who need your help are; leads us to the next question of how you should engage them. 

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Key Takeaways

  • What can you help people with (00:51)
  • Who are the people you are going to help (01:18)
  • Finding and targeting your community (02:48)
  • The keys to engaging people (05:02)
  • Why should people listen to you (06:22)
  • If you are a podcaster, you should always think about headlines and hooks (06:37)


Daxy Perez

Daxy Perez

Daxy is the co-founder of Legacy Podcasting. With a background in audio engineering and a passion for marketing, he teamed up with Ryan to create a top-shelf content marketing agency.

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